Sunday, May 9, 2010

amazing, astounding, and absolutely adorable.

A few months ago, Utterly Engaged threw themselves a party. And as part of the celebration, they issued a challenge: design a tablescape of your choice, to be voted on at the party. We got to pick our own teams and themes, but our designs must meet the following criteria:

-they must be modern {left open to our interpretation}
-they must use either paper, fabric, or an industrial material as the main focus of the design, and finally
-the entire tablescape {excluding dinnerware} must cost under $150.

Oh, and I should mention that the contest was announced about a week and a half before the party. I loved the limitations - it reminded me of Project Runway for wedding designers. . . so up my alley.

I contacted some friends from the Long Beach Wedding Collective - Candice Bradley of DeLovely Events and KrisD Mauga of Krashing Motions, and we had our team. We powwowed and and settled on a vintage circus themed table. Vintage circus - for a modern tablescape? YES! My interpretation of modern is any design that is styled to look like it was made today. I love love love vintage inspiration, but I never want to create anything that looks like it's stuck in the past. I'm all about updating these older looks in new and inspiring ways.

We wanted our table to be vibrant, fun, and whimsical. . . we knew that at the party, there would be a ton of knockout sophisticated tables. We wanted ours to be different - a table that you wanted to touch and play at, one that once you looked at it, you realllly wanted to go to THAT wedding.

And here's what we came up with:


Our paper details included:
-centerpieces of tiered paper boxes wrapped in crepe paper stripes, with cut paper grass detailing and miniature bunting flags made of tiny paper flags attached to bakers twine
-grass-filled paper boxes of lollipops and junior cotton candy sticks
-old fashioned paper popcorn boxes
-crepe paper prize ribbons adorning the vases {these were a take off of my ghost academy award ribbons, but the centers had vintage circus animal illustrations}
-miniature circus posters affixed to candle holders
-sheet music pinwheels {with red velvet cupcakes - we made tiny flags that said "joy" for the cupcakes themselves}
-and finally, a paper runner.

Over the top? Oh, definitely. I'd even say over the big top if puns that bad didn't personally offend me. Even though I just said it anyway.


We didn't win, but.... uh.... my mom said it was cool, and that counts for something, right?


  1. This is quite awesome. Those little vintagey animals are pretty fabulous too.

  2. This is EXCELLENT. I love the colors and the details...good work :)

  3. thank you for you to make me learn more,thank you∩0∩ ........................................

  4. So sweet! This really makes me want to go to the county fair! Can't wait for summer!!

  5. Can I just say this was my personal favorite table?! Glad to be following you now.