Friday, September 20, 2013


I met Alisha when she was 18.  She worked at the coffee shop next to the flower shop where I worked.  She was sweet and silly and had a funny laugh and she kept me properly caffeinated.  Later she became my coworker and then my friend.  And 12 (?) or so years later, also known as last month, she got married.  She asked me to do her flowers of course.  She just sent me a link to her pinterest board and said "you know what I like."  And I do.  I like it too.

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  1. 'Yes I wear a sunhat but it is to garden, I just can't tolerate as much sun as the garden. I would love to grow that white protea thingy, -[tell the name if possible perhaps Australian?]-. I garden on clay and generally proteas hate that. So meither way it is just great to see it.
    Your Designs are great they set a mood. The black berry, peeking out sets off my imagination. For me blackberry picking as a child...

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